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Purchasing Visitor sessions using your RingGo Wallet

You can now use a virtual RingGo Wallet to purchase visitor sessions. This works on a pre-paid basis by topping up your wallet using a credit or debit card with a specified amount, i.e. £20.00, £30.00, etc. Once set-up, you are offered the option to pay using your Wallet for visitor sessions as and when required. Your RingGo Wallet will be decremented by the cost of each visitor session from your current balance upon use.

To add a Wallet to your RingGo account, login to myRingGo and select 'More' from the black navigation panel followed by 'RingGo Wallets'. From here, you can first create and then top up your wallet.

Article Id: 104022

Article Last Updated at: 11 Apr 14 11:30

Category: Central Beds Council Permits

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