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Eastbourne Resident Disabled Permit Information

  1. Disabled residents living in a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Eastbourne with a valid blue badge can apply for a disabled resident parking permit which you can obtain or renew online. To apply for a permit click the Apply button at the bottom of this text.

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  3. Before you begin your application make sure you have:

    * your Blue Badge

    * your vehicle registration details

    * proof of address (1 document required, however you may not be required to submit residency proof if you apply online and your name and address is validated via the council tax register)

    * proof of vehicle ownership (must be in your Eastbourne address) or proof that the vehicle is a company car (1 document required)

    * debit or credit card to make payment

    * scanner or camera (to aid with uploading documents)

    Applying for a permit online is a three stage process:

    1. 1. Register with RingGo

    2. 2. Apply for your permit

    3. 3. Buy your permit

    If you're still unsure about the process, you can find out more on the How Virtual Permits Work page.

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Eastbourne Resident Disabled Permit Costs
  1. Parking Locations1 Year
    Zone A (17400)£5.00
    Zone B (17404)£5.00
    Zone G (17407)£5.00
    Zone J (17408)£5.00
    Zone M (17409)£5.00
    Zone N (17410)£5.00
    Zone R (17411)£5.00
    Zone S (17412)£5.00
    Zone SE (17413)£5.00