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Can I register my email address against more than one mobile number?


The RingGo parking service uses the email address as a form of login as well as the mobile number. This means that an email address can only be registered once to our system for security. Should you call from more than one mobile number when using the RingGo parking service you will hold multiple active accounts, one for each mobile number. You will need to store a different email address against each account.

An email address is only captured when registering online or via our mobile apps and not when making payment by phone. You would need to add an email address against your online account if wishing to receive VAT receipts automatically once parked.

RingGo Corporate is the ideal business parking solution allowing employees to park using their mobile phone against a pre-paid company balance whilst providing consolidated VAT invoicing to a single email address.

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Article Last Updated at: 16 Dec 19 13:35

Category: Managing My Account

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