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How many payment cards can I store on my account?

Your RingGo account will allow you to store up to three payment cards at any one time if you are a personal user of the service.

It is also possible to switch the priority between payment cards so that one partiular card can be set by default to be offered automatically each time you park with the RingGo parking service. To set your default payment card or amend the priority listing of your payment cards, log in to RingGo and click 'View all Cards' under the 'Default Payment Card' heading on the dashboard. From here, use the up/down arrow tabs next to each payment card to set priority. If you do not amend your priority order, the RingGo service will offer you the most recent card you have used with the RingGo parking service.

The default payment card or the most recently used card will be applicable when using our Text to Park service.

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Article Last Updated at: 16 Dec 19 14:03

Category: Managing My Account

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