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I have purchased more time than I require!

The RingGo parking service operates in the same manner as on-site payment machines and relies fully on the duration input of the motorist at the time of parking. For example, if you put enough coins into the payment machine to pay for three hours and then came back to your vehicle after the first hour, you would not be able to obtain a refund for the two unsued hours. The RingGo parking service works the same way in the sense that should you enter three hours on originally parking and then return earlier than expected, you are not entitled to a refund.

However, the RingGo parking service does have the advantage over payment machines in that you can extend your parking (if the parking operator allows this and you have not already purchased the maximum stay duration or attempt to extend once the original session has expired and a no return rule is enforced). So, if you are unsure about how long you will want to stay, you can park with the RingGo parking service for a lesser duration and then call back to extend your parking as necessary. You can also request a text reminder when calling for the first time or within our mobile apps, which will arrive 10 minutes before your parking session is due to expire and prompt you to top up.

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Article Last Updated at: 16 Dec 19 14:38

Category: Refunds

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