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What do I do if I have paid more than once on the same day?

If you have inadvertently paid more than once on the same day* using the RingGo parking service either as a duplicate payment or for an incorrect vehicle before paying again for the correct vehicle, you will need to apply for a refund directly with the parking operator.

The RingGo parking service will always confirm to you whether your payment has been successful or not during any of our booking processes. This will be an automated spoken message after entering your three digit CV2 (security) code during the call, by return SMS confirmation with Text to Park or as an on-screen display with online and app payments.

Should you ever be unsure whether your payment was successful, you can either redial the phone service where you will be asked if you wish to extend your current session or begin a new session, view 'Recent Parking Sessions' on the dashboard of your online RingGo account or the 'Sessions' page within our mobile apps.

Whenever you pay with us, we simply bank all monies to the parking operator and any application for a refund must be made directly to the parking operator. Only they will be able to authorise a partial or full refund of any sort. In order to request a refund, you should contact the parking operator either by phone or in writing.

*With duplicate payments where you have paid once with us and once in cash using the on-site payment machines, a copy of your paper ticket should be included in your refund request to the parking operator.

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