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PCN (Parking Fine)

We are sorry to hear you have received a PCN (parking/penalty charge notice).

There are a range of reasons why you may have received this PCN – including


  • Paying for the wrong vehicle registration

  • Paying for the wrong location

  • Overstaying your parking session

  • Parking in disabled bays without displaying a blue badge

  • Parking in Permit holder locations without a valid permit

  • Not parked within the bay

  • Not paying for parking


If your PCN indicates that you have been issued the notice for non-payment when you have, then you should appeal the PCN. We recommend you download your receipt and include it in your appeal. Unfortunately, the enforcement operator will not allow RingGo to intervene with any aspect of the appeal processes, as it is their strict policy that customers contact them directly in writing. 

The details on how to appeal / challenge should be on the reverse of your PCN. 

If you wish to discuss this then please start a Live Chat with an agent, if available.