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How do I get my VAT receipt?

Log in to your RingGo account on the desktop website and select ‘Booking History’ on the left-hand side of your screen. If you are already logged in just click here.

You will now see the parking sessions you have paid for in the current month, listed in date order.

If you paid for parking prior to the current month, click on the calendar tool to change the month (ensuring that you also select a date on the calendar before searching) to filter results from that time frame.

Locate the transaction(s) for which you require a VAT receipt. If it is the first time you have requested a VAT receipt, you will be required to enter a home or work address for VAT purposes. This information will appear on your VAT receipt.

To have the VAT receipt emailed to yourself, click on the envelope icon; to download click on the notepad icon.

Please be aware that VAT receipts are not automatically sent to your email when you first book parking.