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Why hasn't my Text to Park request been processed?

You must ensure that all steps are followed correctly when using our Text to Park service to make payment. Below are some examples of why a Text to Park request would not have been processed by RingGo. 

  • The text was not sent to 81025 or 07860022205 if parking in Westminster.
  • The syntax was not followed correctly. The RingGo parking service can only process a request if the syntax is followed exactly as below:

          RingGo <location number> <duration & unit> <card security code>

          An example of the correct syntax is: RingGo 8650 3h 123

  • Decimals or a mixture of unit durations were used in the text.

          For example, RingGo 8650 3.5h 123 or RingGo 8650 3h30m 123 are both invalid formats.

  • You were not registered to the RingGo parking service prior to sending your text request. Our Text to Park service  is only available to pre-registered RingGo customers. This is so we have important information such as your vehicle registration and payment card stored in order to process your request.
  • Your text request was delayed due to your mobile network provider. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to park you within a certain time period of the text message being sent. You should always refer to the Text to Park Terms & Conditions prior to using the service.

If you have followed all of the above but still not received a text reply from the RingGo parking service within five minutes of sending, we would urge you to make payment by calling 020 3046 0010 (or 020 7125 9090 in Westminster) as soon as possible to avoid potentially receiving a parking fine and contact your mobile network provider in the first instance to investigate any reasons for non-delivery. If we then later receive the request you can apply for a refund.

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