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How do I apply for a Resident Visitor Permit (RVP)?

Follow the steps listed here to apply for a Resident Visitor Permit (RVP) with Portsmouth City Council.

  • Login to myRingGo using your registered mobile (or landline) telephone number and PIN or password combination. If you do not know your RingGo PIN or password, you can reset it using the relevant recovery tool. Please ensure you check your Junk/Spam mailbox for delivery of any reminder.
  • Select 'Permits' from the black navigation panel.
  • Click the 'Portsmouth City Council' icon.
  • Under the 'Permit Applications' heading, click 'Apply for a new Permit'.
  • Select 'Portsmouth City Council' as the local authority and 'Resident Visitor Permit' as the permit type from the dropdown menu's before clicking 'Next'.
  • Enter your personal details in the required fields and upload your proof of eligibility.
  • Click 'Confirm' to submit your application.

Your application is now forwarded to the Council for review within five working days and a RingGo Enquiry will be raised to confirm the status is currently set as 'Pending'. Once the Council have reviewed your application, you will be informed by email that your enquiry has been updated with the decision.

Once your application has been accepted, you can call the Permit Booking Line on 020 3046 0005 or alternatively purchase visitor sessions via myRingGo or our iPhone and Android apps.

Visitor sessions can be purchased in advance online or via our mobile apps whereas all bookings by phone will begin immediately.

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