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How can I extend my parking session?

You are able to extend your RingGo parking session in a number of ways, as long as the operator allows it (i.e., assuming you haven't already paid for the maximum duration permitted in a given location) and providing you have an active RingGo session still in progress.

If your RingGo session has expired and the location where you are parking has a no return rule, you will not be permitted to park at the same location with RingGo until the no return period has expired. You should refer to on-site signage for further information on potential parking restrictions or alternatively search our Parking Locator tool.

The ways to extend an active session with RingGo are as follows:

  • Call our automated telephone service (refer to local signage for the number) from the mobile device you used when you paid originally (our system will recognise your mobile number and that you already have a parking session). You will need to select the option to extend your current session when offered and then enter the amount of time you would like to extend, together with the three digit CV2 (security) code from your payment card to authorise the transaction
  • Online (including our mobile site) from your RingGo account
  • Text (ensuring that you use the correct Text to Park syntax)
  • iPhone or Android mobile apps

You can also extend your parking with RingGo if you originally paid using the on-site payment machines. However, as the original payment was not made via the RingGo parking service and as we are not linked to the payment machines, this will be treated as a new session so it is imperative that you have the location code for where you are parking. If you are new to RingGo you should also have your vehicle registration plate and payment card details to hand. Without this information, we cannot take payment for your parking.

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