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Can I print a single VAT receipt for the whole month?

The RingGo parking service is designed to provide a single VAT receipt each time you park using the service (much the same as a retailer would issue you a separate receipt for each individual transaction, or a payment machine would give you a paper receipt each time you parked). There are practical and regulatory reasons as to why we are unable to provide a consolidated VAT receipt for an entire month's parking to regular users.

Firstly, the service is offered on behalf of numerous parking operators nationwide, and monies are banked direct to their own accounts. Therefore, your VAT receipt contains their company information, including their trading name, address, and VAT registration number, rather than RingGo's. A high percentage of RingGo customers park at locations managed by different parking operators, which means that the VAT information would differ dependent on where you park and cannot be detailed on the same VAT receipt.

Secondly, a VAT receipt must show the time the goods or service were supplied (also known as the tax point), including a description of what is being supplied. You should refer to the Inland Revenues website for full information relating to what has to be legally present on a VAT receipt.

However, you can print an individual statement displaying all RingGo sessions for a particular account from the 'Receipts' page of your RingGo account. This is not a VAT receipt, merely a breakdown of all parking sessions for that particular month.

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