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How can I make the most of the RingGo parking service?

If you have called RingGo, an account will have automatically been set up with your mobile number. If you intend to use RingGo sporadically to pay for your parking it can become difficult to remember your login details. By updating RingGo with key pieces of information, you can always make accessing your online account quick and easy! 

To ensure simple and secure access to your account at all times, we recommend you update your account upon first use by following these steps:

Adding Personal Information

In the upper right-hand corner of the Home screen, click 'Account'. This brings you a list of other account areas you can maintain. Click 'My Details' to be taken to the 'Contact Details' form where you can maintain your name, email address, and phone number. Click 'Security Options' to maintain your PIN, password, and secret question.

Your email address and the secret question are of significant importance if you ever need to recover your PIN at a later date. We protect your privacy to the highest possible standards and will not share any of your information with third parties.

Adding Addresses

To complete your personal profile, you can also add a postal address, whether that be home, work, or both.

To add an address or multiple addresses, select 'Account' in the top right corner of the home page followed by 'Addresses'. Under the heading 'My Addresses', click 'Add address', set the address type and complete each line before saving. Repeat the process if you wish to store more than the one address.

The first address added will be set as your VAT address should you later need to recover receipts.

Adding Vehicles

If you own or use more than one vehicle - no problem! The RingGo parking service will allow you to store up to 5 vehicles on your account. If you need to add a new vehicle to your account and you already have 5 vehicles stored in your RingGo account you will have to delete the details of an older vehicle before you can add a new one. If you regularly require more than 5 vehicles you can do so by setting up a RingGo Corporate account. It is always a good idea to make sure your stored vehicle list is up to date.

Open the vehicles menu by selecting 'Account' in the top right corner of the home page followed by 'Vehicles'. Under the heading 'My Vehicles', click 'Add a Vehicle' to enter the new vehicle details and complete each detail before saving. Repeat the process if necessary with any additional vehicles you are likely to park.

The preferred vehicle will always be set by default when you do not submit a vehicle registration within any Text to Park request or when using our mobile apps. This can be turned off at any point by clicking to untick the option from the edit page of the applicable vehicle.

Adding Payment Card(s)

With the RingGo parking service you can store up to three payment cards for use. If you have a different card for different occasions (one for personal use whilst another for business use), add your payment cards prior to next use to save you that additional time when booking.

Access your payment cards by selecting 'Account' in the top right corner of the home page followed by 'Payment Cards'. Above the card description (grey) panel, click 'Add a new card' toenter the new payment card and complete each detail before saving.

Once done you can then even set the priority of which order your cards are offered by using the 'Move Up/Down' arrows. The card listed as '1' will be offered first, '2' second, and '3' last of all.

We, of course, like to do most of the leg-work for our customers. Below are a few more handy hints on additional facilities you can set-up with the RingGo parking service.

Automatic VAT Receipts

We all know that travelling and parking are large parts of any motorists typical day. Offered across thousands of locations at over 160 towns and cities nationwide it is likely you will encounter us at some point. If you travel frequently (or infrequently even) for business purposes and need a VAT receipt for your expense claim having used us then let us help you in being reimbursed!

To automatically have VAT receipts emailed to you each time you use us, select 'Account' in the top right corner of the home page followed by 'Settings'. Under the heading 'Get VAT receipts automatically delivered to your Inbox', select 'As soon as I've parked' from the 'How often would you like your VAT receipts emailed to you?' option before saving.

If you have multiple colleagues submitting expense claims alongside yourself, why not tell your employer about Corporate to take away your administration requirements?

Text Message Confirmation / Reminders

If you are relatively new to cashless parking and would like confirmation that your RingGo booking was successful you can choose to receive an SMS (text) summary each time you park. Once payment has been successfully processed by us we will text you back with full details of the vehicle, location and time you have paid for. You can then go about your business safely knowing that everything is present and correct!

In addition to the confirmation text we also offer an SMS reminder. Whether out shopping, having lunch or on a business trip you can opt-in to receive an alert text when your time is running out and add more time by extending your session if you want/need to stay that little longer (as long as the parking operator allow it - check local signage for any maximum stay duration and no-return rules)! By setting-up this feature we will text you 10 minutes before your session expires to remind you to extend if you can't make it back to the vehicle in time.

To add either or both text messages, select 'Account' in the top right corner of the home page followed by 'Settings'. Under the heading 'SMS Settings', click to select the applicable options before saving. These texts will then be sent the next time you park with the RingGo parking service.

All text messages sent by us may be charged.

Each of the above options can be set from your RingGo account by logging in using your mobile number and PIN. 

Although you may have used the phone service on the last occasion, why not try our mobile apps for smartphone users to make your experience even quicker? The RingGo app is available for iPhone (iPad compatible) and Android phones.

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