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I don't have enough allocations on my Resident Visitor Disabled Permit

I want to allow visitors to purchase their parking session when they come to visit me, but I get a message saying I don’t have enough allocations left. Is there a way I can get more parking sessions for my visitors?

Yes! Hammersmith and Fulham set a limit of sessions per permit. When you have used all your Resident Visitor Disabled Permit allocated sessions, you will then be able to purchase sessions at the standard rate. However, you must use all your disabled permit sessions first. For example, if you have two 15-minute sessions remaining, you cannot purchase a duration of 1-hour as that equates to four sessions. You must first purchase the two 15-minute sessions before purchasing additional sessions at the standard rate.

When your permit renews, you will again have your Resident Visitor Disabled Permit allocated sessions for your visitors.

Article Id: 302056

Article Last Updated at: 03 Jan 20 11:01

Category: LB of Hammersmith & Fulham Council Permits

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