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How do I apply for an RVP parking session?

RingGo Resident Visitor Permits are issued by the Council and are a digital, paperless alternative way to pay for parking. Parking sessions with RingGo are virtual, so there is no need to display anything in your vehicle.

Once your Resident Visitor Permit (RVP) application has been authorised, you can purchase visitor parking sessions with RingGo in one of three ways, each of which is detailed below:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Online
  • Phone

Mobile Apps

You must already have the RingGo app installed on your phone - you can download this from the internet or from your mobile store.

You must also already have a RingGo account and have an authorised RingGo permit.

  • Login to RingGo and on the homepage, tap 'Permits'.
  • Select the option to purchase a session using your Resident Visitor Permit.
  • The process may vary slightly depending on your type of mobile phone, but you will need to select the vehicle to park, the date and time of the session, and the duration.
  • Select an existing payment card or select the 'New Card' option and provide the details.
  • Enter the three digit CV2 (security) code from the back of your payment card.



You must already have a RingGo account and have an authorised RingGo permit.

  • Access myRingGo and click 'Permits'.
  • Click the 'Folkestone & Hythe' button (you need to scroll down to get to it).
  • Click 'Login' on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Log in using your registered mobile (or landline) telephone number and PIN or password combination. If you do not know your RingGo PIN or Password, you can retrieve it using the relevant recovery tool. Please ensure you check your Junk/Spam mailbox for delivery of any reminder.
  • Before proceeding further, ensure you have money in your online RingGo wallet to cover the cost of the session you are about to pay for. You can verify the contents of your wallet, and top it up, by clicking 'MyRingGo Account' on the left-hand side of the screen, and then scrolling down to the wallet information.
  • On the 'My Permit Applications for Folkestone & Hythe District Council' screen, select the permit application you wish to use and click the green 'money' icon under the 'Purchase' column in that row.

Your location will be preset based on your home address.

  • Select your vehicle, choose the date and time you want the session to start, and the duration of the session.
  • Click 'Next'.
  • On the following screen, click 'Next'.
  • On the following screen, read the summary of the transaction.
  • If you agree with it, click 'Pay'.
  • On the following screen, click the 'Print a VAT receipt' link if you would like a VAT receipt.
  • Click 'Finish' to complete the process and return to the home page.



You must already have a RingGo account and have an authorised RingGo permit.

Call the Permit Booking Line on 020 3046 0005 from your registered telephone number.
Listen to the voice prompts and input the information as requested.
All sessions will begin immediately from the time payment is made.

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