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I can't locate my VAT receipt but have paid using the RingGo parking service!

The most frequent reason for customers not being able to access the required VAT receipt is simply because they are searching under the wrong account. 

Each time you call RingGo using a different mobile, the RingGo system automatically creates a new account and generates another PIN specific to that particular mobile account. You also have the option to add a secure password if registering to RingGo online or adding at a later date. Therefore, you will need to login using the mobile number you called from on the day and PIN or password combination specific to that mobile account in order to locate your VAT receipt.

Your PIN will be contained in any SMS (text) summary should you opt to receive them. You can also reset your PIN or password using the respective recovery tools found on the homepage and by entering the mobile number you used to purchase the session(s) for which you require a VAT receipt.

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Article Last Updated at: 16 Dec 19 12:06

Category: VAT Receipts

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