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Car Parks Permit Information

  1. The Car Park season ticket will entitle the user to park the vehicle in one of the following Council owned car parks that is covered by the permit, as long as they are correctly displaying the permit:

    • Brandon Road E17
    • Hall Lane E4
    • High street E17
    • Linford Road E17
    • Mission Grove
    • Richmond Road E4
    • South Grove E17
    • Stanley Road E10

    * Season tickets are not available for Bedford Road car park, Walthamstow Town Hall or Willow House car park.

    The vehicle must be parked correctly within the parking bays to avoid enforcement action.

    Car park season tickets are vehicle specific and not transferable between vehicles.

    This permit is also car park specific and is not transferable between car parks.

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Car Parks Permit Costs
  1. Duration Cost
    3 Months £235.00
    1 Year £575.00