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Resident Trader Permit Information

  1. Resident traders permits are only available to Waltham forest residents who live within a controlled parking zone.

    Resident traders parking permits are virtual which means that there is no need to display a paper permit in the vehicle. Civil enforcement officers will be able to identify which vehicles have a valid permit from the vehicle registration number.

    You will need to supply:

    • VRM of the vehicle working at your address

    • Proof of work being carried out at your property - quotation / confirmation of works being carried out

    Photographs of documentation will be accepted if you do not have access to a scanner.

    Permits are single vehicle specific and not transferable between vehicles. To apply for a permit click the apply button at the bottom of this text.

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  3. Applying for a permit online is a three stage process, firstly you need to register with RingGo, then complete the permit application form and once that has been approved you can purchase your permit.

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Resident Trader Permit Costs
  1. Parking Locations7 Days28 Days
    Bakers Arms (70001)£25.00£90.00
    Blackhorse Lane (70002)£25.00£90.00
    Blackhorse Lane North (70003)£25.00£90.00
    Blackhorse Road (70004)£25.00£90.00
    Crownfield Road (70005)£25.00£90.00
    Cann Hall Road (70006)£25.00£90.00
    Chingford Lane (70007)£25.00£90.00
    Hoe Street (70009)£25.00£90.00
    Jacks Farm (70010)£25.00£90.00
    Leyton East (70011)£25.00£90.00
    Leyton North (70012)£25.00£90.00
    Leyton South (70013)£25.00£90.00
    Leyton West (70014)£25.00£90.00
    Lloyd Park East (70015)£25.00£90.00
    Lloyd Park West (70016)£25.00£90.00
    Leytonstone East (70017)£25.00£90.00
    Leytonstone West (70018)£25.00£90.00
    Millicent Road / Dagenham Road (70019)£25.00£90.00
    Market East (70020)£25.00£90.00
    Market West (70021)£25.00£90.00
    North Chingford (70022)£25.00£90.00
    Queens Road / Boundary Road (70023)£25.00£90.00
    Ruckholt Close (70024)£25.00£90.00
    Shernhall Bakers (70025)£25.00£90.00
    Winns Avenue (70028)£25.00£90.00
    Wood Street North (70029)£25.00£90.00
    Wood Street South (70030)£25.00£90.00
    Whipps Cross North (70031)£25.00£90.00
    Whipps Cross South (70032)£25.00£90.00
    Grove Green North (70045)£25.00£90.00
    Grove Green West (70046)£25.00£90.00
    St James Park (70048)£25.00£90.00
    Fulbourne Road (70049)£25.00£90.00
    Brewster Road (70050)£25.00£90.00
    Wilmot Road (70051)£25.00£90.00
    Lloyd Park North (70052)£25.00£90.00
    Whipps Cross South extension (70053)£25.00£90.00
    Upper Walthamstow Area (70054)£25.00£90.00
    Theydon Street Area (70055)£25.00£90.00
    Lloyd Park North Extension (70059)£25.00£90.00
    Market West Extension (70060)£25.00£90.00
    Manor Road (70062)£25.00£90.00
    Lea Bridge Road (70064)£25.00£90.00
    Grove Green East (70065)£25.00£90.00
    Wood Street East Extension (70066)£25.00£90.00
    Leytonstone South (70067)£25.00£90.00
    Banbury Park (70068)£25.00£90.00
    Abbots Road / Midland Road (70069)£25.00£90.00
    Coppermill Lane (70070)£25.00£90.00
    Tallack Road (70071)£25.00£90.00
    Grove Green South (70072)£25.00£90.00
    Vicarage Road / Farmer Road (70073)£25.00£90.00
    Cann Hall East (70074)£25.00£90.00
    Walthamstow Stadium (70076)£25.00£90.00
    Chapel End (70077)£25.00£90.00
    Fulbourne Road North (70078)£25.00£90.00
    Hillyfield (70079)£25.00£90.00
    Higham Hill (70080)£25.00£90.00
    Low Hall (70081)£25.00£90.00
    Kelmscott (70082)£25.00£90.00
    Leytonstone North (70083)£25.00£90.00
    Oliver Road (70084)£25.00£90.00
    Cann Hall North (70085)£25.00£90.00
    Forest Rising (70086)£25.00£90.00
    Goldsmith (70089)£25.00£90.00
    Greenman (70091)£25.00£90.00
    Cathall South (70092)£25.00£90.00
    Cathall North (70093)£25.00£90.00