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How do I register a new vehicle?

You are able to add a new vehicle to the RingGo parking service in one of three ways:

  • Login to RingGo. Click 'Account' in the top right corner of the page and select 'Vehicles' from the drop-down menu. Click 'Add a Vehicle', enter the vehicle registration, use the drop-down boxes to select the colour, make and vehicle type. Click 'Save'.
  • Use the 'Account > Vehicles' menu on our mobile apps.
  • Call our automated telephone service at the time of parking (see local signage for the number to dial), selecting option '9' at the first prompt to use our speech recognition software. If you are unable to add the vehicle using speech recognition, you will be sent a text asking you to reply with the syntax 'RingGo ABC123' to add the vehicle to your account before calling back again to purchase your parking.

(ABC123 is an example vehicle registration and this wording will need to be replaced with the vehicle registration you wish to add to your account.)

Note that the RingGo parking service will allow you to store up to 5 vehicles on your account. If you need to add a new vehicle to your account and you already have 5 vehicles stored in your RingGo account you will have to delete the details of an older vehicle before you can add a new one. If you regularly require more than 5 vehicles you can do so by setting up a RingGo Corporate account. It is always a good idea to make sure your stored vehicle list is up to date.

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