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What is RingGo ePay?

RingGo has an agreement with ePay which enables motorists to pay through one of ePay's UK-wide network of independent retailers. It simply is a way to purchase a RingGo session with cash at an ePay retailer. Currently this is only available in the London Boroughs of Bromley and Harrow.

How does it work?

Look for signs currently in Bromley and Harrow for the ePay option to park. It will have directions to the nearest retailer where you can purchase your session with cash. The retailer will simply ask you for your vehicle registration details, how long you wish to park for and the location number of where you have parked. Once your session has been purchased, the booking details are sent electronically to the parking attendants and they can then view the details of your RingGo session including the location, vehicle registration plate and duration using their handheld enforcement device.

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