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Can we quickly import employees into our Corporate account?


If you have a large number of employees, you can use the 'Bulk Import' feature within the RingGo Corporate administration web suite. The feature can be found under 'Setup/Employees/Import Employees'.

Visit the page for more details on what the import file format and fields look like. You can also view a couple of example records and download an import file example.

Handy hints when importing:

  • If you use *(asterisk/star) in the 'number plate' field when importing, the system will know that this means 'any' vehicle can be used for Corporate so it saves you having to change it to this setting after importing the record.
  • There is currently no test feature so it will try to import the file you tell it to (we are looking to introduce this new feature soon).
  • There is currently no validation on the import process which will stop duplicate entries from being created.

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