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How do I top up my Corporate Account?

You can top up your Corporate account using the 'Funds' page of the Corporate Administration web suite. Top-ups can be made in increments of £100 up to your maximum funds allowance.

We currently accept credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and AMEX) which will immediately be added to your account. 

Unfortunately, we do not accept Diners, PayPal or Purchase Orders.

If you decide to process a BACS transfer, you should allow 3-4 working days for the funds to settle and your account to be credited. An email confirmation will be sent to your Corporate Administrator once the funds have successfully been added. With a BACS transfer, you can also opt for a 'Request for Transfer' document to be generated that may help initiating the BACS transfer. To generate the document, login to the Corporate Administration suite, select the 'Funds' page, 'BACS transfer' and tick the 'Generate Request for Transfer' option. This payment request will be automatically emailed to your Corporate Administrator.

Alternatively, if you view the 'Funds' page and the 'Pending Transfers' section at the bottom of the page, you will see an icon which links to the 'Request for Transfer' document which you can view in PDF format and print/download as required.

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