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Can I swap between vehicles if I purchase a permit?

You are only able to swap between vehicles if you have purchased a RingGo permit and not a standard longer-term RingGo session. All RingGo permits must be purchased online only**. This means that any session not purchased by this method is non-transferable between vehicles.

Permit parking is currently offered with RingGo by Red Funnel and Chiltern Railways (Beaconsfield Station Car Park at Beaconsfield/2616 and Leamington Spa Station Approach at Leamington Spa/2623 only) along with various local authority schemes. There are different rules between parking operators on how many vehicles can be stored against the permit.

To amend the active vehicle(s) against your permit, simply follow these instructions:

  • Login to myRingGo.
  • Click 'Help' in the top right corner of the page.
  • Under the Popular Questions heading, select 'Change vehicle(s) on session / permit'.
  • Select the relevant permit using the dropdown menu.
  • Highlight the existing vehicle(s) you wish active against the permit from the 'My RingGo vehicles' menu or use the vehicle 1/2/3 columns to add a new vehicle. 
  • Click 'Next' to immediately apply the changes.

You can then view the session vehicle amendments in the 'Recent Parking Sessions' section on the dashboard or the 'Receipts' page by referring to the original date of purchase.

If you are amending the active vehicle against a Council based permit you may be required to upload proofs (follow online instructions on what is required) before your vehicle changes can be approved. This process can take up to five working days and all queries with relation to required proofs or urgent vehicle changes should be addressed directly with the relevant authority.

Note: you must ensure that you make any relevant vehicle changes (up to the maximum allowed) each time you park a different vehicle. Failure to do so will mean you are liable to receive a parking fine.

**Longer-term Council based permit sessions are an exception to this rule with purchases available both online and via our iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile apps.

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