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When does the transaction appear on my bank statement?

All payments made via the RingGo parking service will not necessarily be debited from your account on the same date you park using our service. Any financial transaction may not show against your card statement for up to five working days after the event, regardless of the date your card issuer approved it. This is a regular banking procedure.

The RingGo parking service banking descriptions should be referenced on your account statement as RingGo and normally followed by the word 'parking'.

If you are unsure about the date on which a payment was debited, we recommend that you pair your statement with the VAT receipts that appear against your RingGo parking account and if they are equal in number, ignoring the dates, the chances are that there has been a delay with the funds leaving your account.

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Article Last Updated at: 14 Mar 18 14:44

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