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How can I pay using the RingGo parking service?

As well as by phone (calling 020 3046 0010 or 020 7125 9090 in Westminster) you can pay for your parking using the service in other ways:

Online (including our Mobile Site)
Did you know that at all our sites, you can pay for and even extend your parking online? Bookmark RingGo now by adding to your PC or mobile phone browser. If you’re running late (and your location allows it) just extend your parking session online.

Mobile Apps
If you've got an iPhone or Android phone, you can pay for the RingGo parking service with our free to download smartphone apps. Check out the benefits and download today!

Park by Text
You can also save time and effort by parking by text message. For more details how to use its simple wording, visit our Text To Park page. View Text to Park Terms and Conditions.

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