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How should we use RingGo Corporate once registered?

RingGo Corporate is a service which makes it easier for you to pay for your business parking as well as simplifying the administration process incurred through travel expense claims. When you are travelling on company business, you can now use our Corporate service to pay for your parking, instead of paying with cash. This means you don’t need to claim back your business parking expenses as they will automatically be charged to a centralised account.

The mobile number or the vehicle you use to park with the RingGo parking service will be matched against the account details supplied by your Corporate Administrator. Once your details are verified, you are automatically offered the option of paying via RingGo Corporate via mobile apps, online, text or by phone and calling the number displayed on local signage.

Mobile Apps

The free iPhone and Android phone apps are enabled for Corporate: you can use your RingGo Corporate account via your smartphone. Download the app from the relevant marketplace to make your experience even simpler!


Login to RingGo and simply select the 'Park' option before completing the booking form.


You can also park as a Corporate user by text message. View the Text to Park page for full details of how to do this and example formats. The simple format of the text messages means you can save the correct syntax in your mobile device for all future use.


When parking in our locations, you should call the advertised RingGo number shown on local signage from your Corporate registered mobile number and you will be offered to pay using your RingGo Corporate account at the payment stage rather than having to enter credit or debit card details.

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