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I have tried to register but it says my mobile number is already in use!

The first time you use the service, we automatically register an account using your mobile number against all services (phone, web, mobile apps and text) so that your details are stored and on offer to you the next time you come to park. This means there is no requirement to sign up and register your details after you have already called or made a payment with us historically!

A PIN will be generated on first using the service by phone or mobile apps. This will be sent to you by text should you opt in to receive the SMS Summary or you can use our online PIN recovery tool to obtain it. If you first registered by the web then you would have set a password and you must use the password to login to your online account (your PIN will only be able to be used with our mobile apps). You should use our password recovery tool if you cannot recall the password you set up when first registering to the RingGo parking service.

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Article Last Updated at: 13 Mar 18 15:38

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