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How do I renew my permit application?

Go to myRingGo.

  • Enter your mobile number (or landline number if you previously registered this as an alternative) or your email address.
  • Enter your account PIN or password. If you have already set up a password for your account, you must log in using the password rather than the PIN.
  • Locate the permit on the 'Permit Applications' page that needs to be renewed and scroll to the right.
  • Click the 'Renew' icon next to your original application.
  • You can check the details, update if necessary, and confirm your renewal.

Your application will be authorised instantly if no details have changed since you first applied.

If your details have changed, the council may need to review your application or it may be automatically authorised. If it has to be reviewed, this will take several days.

Article Id: 2030086

Article Last Updated at: 20 Jan 20 13:32

Category: LB of Merton Council Permits

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