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How much does the telephone call to RingGo cost?

Any call charges incurred when calling RingGo are dependent on your telephony provider, your contract package, and their associated costs per minute.

All telephone numbers used by RingGo when parking via our automated telephone service, whether it be a local area code or the 020 3046 0010 generic RingGo number, are charged at a standardised local rate (i.e., as in calling a landline or geographic number as opposed to a mobile or non-goegraphic number).

With any customer service queries, you can email our Customer Care Team direct from your RingGo account by using our email enquiry system.

If you have a query relating to a message sent or received from one of our shortcodes, you can call 020 3046 0046 (calls charged at standard rate) and one of our agents will assist you with your query.

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