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Can I use any of my stored payment cards with Text to Park?

Only the default payment card can be used with our Text to Park service. The default card is stored as one of a maximum of three you are able to register against your account and displayed as the first option at the top card of your payment card list.

With our Text to Park service, you are required to include the three digit CV2 (security) code within every request so this has to be limited to your primary card for security.

You can however change your default payment card to be used with our Text to Park service online by simply following the below instructions:

  • Select 'View all Cards' under the 'Default Payment Card' heading on the dashboard.
  • Use the up/down arrow tabs next to each payment card to set priority. The top listed payment card will be set as your default card.

You will then be required to include the CV2 code from this new card when sending your next Text to Park request.

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Article Last Updated at: 16 Oct 14 14:28

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