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What Premier Bays are available?

Premier Bays are limited reserved parking bays available online at selected Greater Anglia stations. These bays are available for purchase between one month and one year.

If you are a new customer wishing to purchase a Premier Bay or an existing customer wishing to change your Premier Bay, you can find which bays are available at your desired location using our permit booking form. After selecting the Premier Bay option from the duration page of the booking form, click 'Next' and you will be offered a selection of Premier Bay numbers in a dropdown field; should any bays be available. Simply then select which bay you wish to purchase and continue with the booking*.

If you have any enquiries regarding rules, problems with your current Premier Bay, cancellations or wishing to swap between Premier Bays as an existing customer, you should contact NCP direct by the following methods:

Telephone: 0345 050 7080 (Option 5 for Customer Service)

Email: customer.service@ncp.co.uk

Full pricing information on all permits can be found using our Parking Locator tool.

*If the Premier Bay option is not available for selection then all Premier Bays have been purchased.

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