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I've paid more than once when using the mobile app!

As our apps rely on an internet connection then it is possible that you may on rare occasions encounter an error or performance based issues should you lose connection during use of the app. The most likely point where you may experience an issue will be when submitting payment. This is simply because after entering your CV2 (security) code and submitting your payment request, the app has to establish a strong enough connection with the payment system in order to facilitate your request.

Should you not receive acknowledgement at this point confirming the success of the payment and you're unsure whether the payment was successful, you can easily check this by following these instructions:

1. Return to the 'Sessions' page on the app.

2. If no active session is displayed, pull down the screen and refresh the page. If the session is still not displayed, log out and close the app.

3. Re-open the app and log in as you normally would. Go to the 'Sessions' page and pull down the screen to refresh the list to see if the session is displayed.

4. If after follwing the steps above, the session is still not displayed, your payment would not have been successful and you will need to try again.

It should be noted that each time you enter the CV2 code from your payment card and submit a payment request, RingGo will call for payment from your card issuer. This means you are likely to be charged more than once, if the payment is successful. If more than one payment has been made then you would need to apply for any refund with the parking operator direct.

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