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How do I advance park using the app?

Advanced parking is available through our apps (iPhone and Android) at locations where the parking operator allows it.

If advanced parking is offered at your location, a prompt will appear on the app after entering the location, duration and vehicle with the following message 'Would you like to park now or in advance?'. If you tap 'Now' then your parking session will begin immediately and you continue with the booking as normal. If you tap 'Advance' you are given the option to set the start date and time you wish the booking to commence.

You should be aware that if you amend the start date only, your session will begin from the time you originally use the app by default. For example, if you are booking at 12:04 on 19th November 2017 and want the booking to begin 20th November 2017 and you do not amend the start time, the session will automatically begin at 12:04 the following day. You will not be covered to park should you arrive any earlier than 12:04 on the date you physically park.

Note that RingGo cannot guarantee a parking space with any booking and you are only able to book up to 90 days in advance when using the app. If you incorrectly make an advanced booking, RingGo cannot make any amendments to these details: you would need to pay again for the correct date/time and seek a refund from the parking operator for the incorrect booking.

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