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I had to pay a convenience fee because the machines were faulty!

The convenience fee is a service charge set by the parking operator for using RingGo. RingGo is designed to be used as an alternative to the on-site payment machines in the car park/parking area.

It is the parking operator's responsibility to maintain the existing payment machines where RingGo are not involved in the day-to-day management of any location. We merely take payments on behalf of the parking operators and bank all monies to their own account, inclusive of the convenience fee.

If this is the first time you have used RingGo, it is likely that you will not see it as convenient that the payment machines were faulty. You should, however, come to find RingGo more convenient the next time you use the service (hopefully this will be by choice and not due to the payment machines not working). This is because an account is created against your mobile number having made the call and all your details are saved so that the next time you call, you will be recognised by your mobile number and your last used details will be offered back to you. You will be able to park a lot quicker (the average call time is approximately 40 seconds as an existing customer!) and you also won't have to worry about carrying enough change for the payment machine.

Should you wish to seek a refund for lost money in the payment machine or for the RingGo transaction to include the convenience fee then you must do so directly with the parking operator.

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