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How can I pay for my trailer?

Vehicles with trailers or those that take up more than one parking space may need to purchase two spaces individually. If you are making payment with RingGo and there is no option to purchase more than one space or to park a vehicle with a trailer, you will need to complete your booking in two separate transactions.

Depending on the location, there will be an option to purchase two spaces or park with a trailer in one transaction, for example, at coastal locations, where the chance of having a trailer is more likely. If you are calling our automated telephone service, after selecting the location you will be asked whether your vehicle takes up more than one space. You should select the prompt accordingly. If you are booking online, you will need to select the option using the dropdown bar.

This option is not currently available with our Text to Park service or mobile apps.

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Article Last Updated at: 16 Dec 19 10:54

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