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Can I leave my vehicle overnight?

Overnight parking regulations vary by location and parking operator. Each parking operator offering the RingGo service applies different rules and regulations.

For example, some locations offer daily parking and allocate a full 24 hours from the time you call RingGo. Others, most predominantly railway stations, split their tariffs into peak, off-peak and dusk until dawn bands. This means that if you select 1 day, you will only be able to park from the time payment is made until the time the tariff begins again the following day (i.e., an operator's tariffs begin at 4:00am so your RingGo session will always expire at 03:59am).

In a completely different concept to station parking, some underground/multi-storey car parks actually physically lock their gates at a specific time and do not re-open them until the following day.

To ensure that you have the correct information and have purchased the correct amount of time, you should refer to local signage or contact the parking operator direct. RingGo is merely an automated payment service and we do not set the rules and guidelines for the parking areas.

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