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Can I change the mobile number on my RingGo account?

You can easily change the mobile number associated to your account providing the new number you want stored has not previously been used with the RingGo parking service. Remember, you only need to have telephoned the RingGo parking service once at any point in the past to have automatically registered your mobile number. If it states your mobile number is already registered, you should retrieve your PIN/reset your password by clicking the 'Forgotten your PIN?' or 'Forgotten your Password?' links displayed beneath the login field on our homepage.

To amend your stored mobile number, login to your RingGo account and click 'Edit Details' under the 'My Details' heading on the dashboard. Under 'Contact Details' simply type over the existing mobile number before saving. Once your mobile number has been amended, you will need to use your updated mobile number along with the existing PIN or password combination to log in.

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Article Last Updated at: 26 Mar 18 12:01

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