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I've used the app and parked the wrong vehicle!

If you have a preferred vehicle set then by default this will be auto-filled on the 'Duration/Vehicle' entry page when using our mobile apps and requires amending by tapping 'Vehicles' on the same page if different from the vehicle you are parking on that day. The selected vehicle will always be displayed on the 'Payment/Summary' page of the app and must be reviewed prior to entering your three digit CV2 (security) code and tapping 'Pay for parking to start now'. If you see the vehicle you are about to park is not the one shown on your screen, you must change it before proceeding with payment.

You are able to set or remove the preferred vehicle option from the 'My Vehicles' page and edit the relevant vehicle. To access your listed vehicles and apply any changes, simply follow these instructions:

  • Click 'Account' in the top right corner of the page.
  • Select 'Vehicles' from the dropdown menu.
  • Click the 'Edit' (pencil and pad) icon to the far right of the vehicle.
  • Tick the 'Preferred Vehicle' option and click 'Save' to apply the changes.
  • A mobile phone icon will now be displayed next to the vehicle to indicate that this is your preferred vehicle.

If you have purchased a RingGo session for the wrong vehicle registration in error and realise within 15 minutes of the session being created, you can amend the active session vehicle by the following methods:

1. Online from the RingGo Help Centre by using the 'Change vehicle(s) on your cashless parking/permit' popular question.

2. By replying to any RingGo text message you have received or sending a new text to 81025 with the following syntax:

RingGo correct ABC123

(ABC123 is an example vehicle registration and wording will need to be replaced with the vehicle registration you wish to amend the active session).

After the correct syntax has been received by RingGo within the allowed 15 minute window, we will amend your number plate for the current active session and send a reply text message to confirm the changes.

If your request is received after the allowed 15 minute window has expired you will be unable to make changes to the active session vehicle yourself and be required to pay again for the correct vehicle before seeking a refund from the parking operator for the session purchased against the erroneous vehicle.

Amendments to the active session vehicle can only be made through the app by using the 'Help' page and 'Change vehicle(s) on your cashless parking/permit' popular question link once redirected to our mobile site.

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Article Last Updated at: 19 Dec 19 12:07

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